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OTI's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Vision Statement 

OTI is a collaborative environment that represents the global community at all levels of our organization. Uniting diverse backgrounds and experiences, we value individual expertise to advance peace and democracy around the world. 

Values and associated behaviors that will enable this vision are: 


  • Model open communication, active listening and candor.

  • Believe others when they share their experiences.


  • A respectful attitude should be shown to everyone.

  • Allow for others to express complete opinion/thoughts without interruption, while recognizing that there are other perspectives and lived experiences.

 Belonging (Accessibility)

  • Serve as an ally to those who feel excluded (professionally, socially, personally, etc.).

  • Promote togetherness and acceptance through equitable behavior.


  • Listen to understand, create space to be real/feel.

  • Remind yourself to be conscious of how others may feel or receive your words


  • Supervisors hold their peers to account on their expectations and behaviors.

  • Seek regular, constructive feedback to understand how your words and actions affect and influence others, and how they are being perceived and interpreted.

  • Acknowledge unconscious bias and be willing to learn and change behavior when confronted/corrected.

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