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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I qualify for a position?


All of the Education/Experience and Selection Factors must be met in order for your offeror to be considered by the selection committee. We encourage you to apply only if you fulfill all of these qualifications.


How do I apply for a position?


A typical complete offer package consists of two or three documents: a complete resume, the USAID form 309-2 (found on the Offeror Resources page), and a supplemental document specifically addressing each of the Evaluation Factors listed in the solicitation (if applicable). Read the solicitation carefully to ensure that all required information is included in your resume for full consideration. For more detail on what to include, please refer to the Offeror Resources page.


Additional documents submitted beyond these requirements will not be accepted or processed. Incomplete or late offers will not be considered. Complete offers may be submitted by email, mail, fax, or hand-delivery. Details, including our email address, mailing address and fax number are located on the cover page of the solicitation. Please note that all materials must arrive in our office (or email inbox) before the closing date and time listed on the posting. All offer materials must be received by the closing date and time listed on the solicitation - there are no exceptions.


Should I include my volunteer and internship experience on the application?


It is important to include all relevant professional experience, whether paid or unpaid, in your offer.


What are Evaluation Factors?


Each factor plays an important part in identifying those offerors who are better qualified for a position. Evaluation Factors responses are limited to 500 words per factor, and should include detailed examples to fully demonstrate the requested experience and skills.


To whom do I address my offer?


You can address your offer materials to the OTI Recruitment Team, as listed on the solicitation.


How can I confirm that my offer was received?


OTI confirms receipt of your offer package via email. If you have not received an email confirmation, or are concerned that your offer was not received, it is your responsibility as the offeror to follow-up by contacting OTI.


Does OTI keep my job offers on file?


Yes, but please be aware that we do not use your current materials on file for future positions. You must send updated offer materials for each position to guarantee full consideration.


Do I have to submit a new offer for each position that I apply to?


Each position has a distinct set of Education/Experience Requirements and Evaluation Factors (EF) that need to be addressed as part of a complete offer package. Although we keep a copy of your offer materials in our system, you must submit an updated offer that includes a new resume, AID 309-2 form, and EF document (when applicable) for each position to which you apply.


May I apply for more than one position?


Yes, you may apply for multiple positions. However, you must submit a separate and complete offer for each position.


If I apply for one position but qualify for several, will I be considered for all of them?


No, you will only be considered for position(s) to which you have applied. Therefore, please send OTI a separate and complete offer for each position of interest. If the solicitation advertises multiple GS levels, you must submit a separate and complete offer for each GS level for which you would like to apply.


What if I need help applying?


If you need assistance applying, please contact the recruitment team before the closing date on the solicitation.


Who should I notify if I have changed my contact information since submitting my offer?


If your contact information changes, please send the updated information to the OTI recruiter(s) listed on the opening page of the solicitation.

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