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What is a USPSC?


To respond quickly and effectively and meet its program objectives and mandate, OTI retains a group of high level professionals and experts under U.S. Personal Services Contracts (USPSCs). These knowledgeable and skilled professionals make up the vast majority of the OTI workforce and are at its forefront implementing and achieving the office's programmatic goals and objectives. USPSCs are considered employees of USAID for all purposes except programs administered by the Office of Personnel Management.


USPSCs are US citizens contracted to the Agency, and establish an employer-employee relationship between USAID and the contractor. PSCs have the same salary scale and allowances as a direct-hire employee, but have a more limited range of benefits. USPSCs have income taxes withheld by USAID and receive W-2s from the Agency. There are several other similar benefits that USPSCs may participate in, such as partial reimbursement for health and life insurance costs, as well as full coverage of workers' compensation, among other benefits. USPSCs are not eligible to participate in the Federal government's health insurance, life insurance, and retirement benefits provided to members of the Civil Service and Foreign Service (i.e., direct-hire personnel). USPSCs make up a large percentage of the total workforce for several USAID offices and serve in the Washington, DC headquarters as well as positions worldwide. 


The above is a simplified version of a small section of the USAID Acquisition Regulations (AIDAR), Appendix D. If you have any questions, OTI encourages you to view the entire document at the USAID website. Note that some portions of the AIDAR for USPSCs have been modified by interim changes found here. If there are any differences between the information shown on this website and the information posted at, the USAID website information shall govern. 

For Helpful Links and PSC Resources please visit the PSC Association page. 

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